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Let’s talk about the numbers first

We owe the achievement of our extraordinary milestones to our loyal clients, our brilliant team of expert IT recruiters, and our extensive pool of IT candidates who trust us to transform their professional lives.


Companies have successfully built their superstar IT teams thanks to Rhoynar.


IT job vacancies successfully filled for our clients.


Candidates in our database


IT specialists in our elite interview panel, including highly qualified subject matter experts who are currently working with top technology companies like Google, Apple etc.


Of Rhoynar candidates sent to a client are hired.


Technology job interviews conducted so far to enable our clients to discover their next IT recruitment.

Geeks hire Geeks

Our IT recruiters’ team is comprised of IT leaders and software engineers, not former salesmen and managers. We understand the world of Information Technology inside and out, and this enables us to fulfil your IT recruitment needs before than any other IT staffing agency in Colorado.

Innovative Talent Search

We wouldn’t be IT experts if we didn’t used technology to look for talent! Our innovative in-house tool GitRecruit helps us search technology discussion forums like GitHub and StackOverflow and hunt down the most brilliant IT candidates in the country.

50 day Job Fulfillment Guarantee

We are so sure of our IT recruitment abilities that if we don’t successfully fill your IT job vacancy within the first 50 days, we guarantee to fill the position for free!

Impeccable Technical Interviews

All Rhoynar candidates are subjected to a series of rigorous technical interviews, conducted by a panel of IT industry veterans. We share detailed technical interview notes for every candidate we send your way.

An Agile Company

Rhoynar prides itself on its extraordinary agility. We diligently follow the Kanban Agile Framework to carry out our comprehensive IT staffing process. We are strong believers in never-ending progress and strive to minimize the operational cycle time.

Customer Focused Team

IT recruitment is what our team does best. We are 100% focused on fulfilling your IT staffing needs, and to achieve this purpose our team guarantees careful attention to detail and delivery of only the best results.

Our Mission

Here at Rhoynar, our ultimate mission is to empower all businesses seeking IT recruitment services with our groundbreaking IT staffing solutions using innovative in-house technological tools. We are passionate about discovering revolutionary ways to search for and attract skilled and talented IT resources, and offer them life-changing career transformations. It is our duty to only select candidates who demonstrate technological finesse by passing a series of challenging interviews carried out by seasoned IT professionals.

Rhoynar is proud of all our brilliant candidates because we are confident in our thorough vetting process. We are committed to upholding our 90%+ success rate in successfully fulfilling our clients’ IT job requirements. We do not only refer IT candidates, we train them, endorse them, and stand behind them.


  • To only conduct IT recruitment through a qualified team of IT industry experts
  • To understand not just the job requirement but also the in-depth technical specifications of the project, so that we can find the best person for the job
  • To use technologically advanced means of finding and attracting candidates for new IT job opportunities
  • To fund and design state-of-the-art proprietary tools for finding the best talent match
  • To focus on the technical aptitude of candidates when conducting IT recruitment
  • To conduct rigorous technical interviews before recommending a candidate to the client
  • To perform CultureMatch screening before recommending a candidate to the client
  • To stand behind a recommended Rhoynar candidate
  • To be honest and professional at all times

Core Values

  • Commitment to innovation and excellence in whatever we do
  • Continuous learning and improvement approach
  • Honestly and professionalism at every step of the way

Your Partner in Success

Trust Rhoynar with all your IT staffing needs, so that you can focus on fulfilling your central business needs. Whether you are looking to fill a single IT job vacancy or to create an extraordinary team of IT superstars from scratch, you will receive the same 5 star service at Rhoynar each and every time. This is the Rhoynar guarantee!

We run the show

Meet Our TechnoRecruiters

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” –Michael Jordan


Priyesh Sanghvi


Cycling, Badminton, VolleyBall, Poker.


Harsh Murari


Coding, Badminton, Politics


Josh Hughes

BD Manager

Minecraft, Biking


Charles Johnson

BD Manager

Fishing, Skiing, Biking


Kendra Rogness

Accounts Manager

Knitting, Gardening, Yatzee


Jackie Hunts

Accounts Manager

Biking, Photography, Writing


Doyle Matthews

Recruiting Specialist

Friends, Running, Homebrewing


Robert Quinn

Recruiting Specialist

Reading, Investments, Poker

Scott Busser

Scott Busser

Recruiting Specialist

Backpacking, Camping, Snowboarding


Brenda Dages

Office Manager

Cooking, Origami, Dance

Technology Is Our Passion

Meet the Information Technology Experts
on Rhoynar’s Unique Interview Panel

Our IT staffing interview board comprises of extraordinary IT specialists working in top international IT companies in various capacities. Our board members include trusted authorities on every IT subject matter.


CEO @ Rhoynar


CTO @Rhoynar

Software Engineer @ Intel


Software Engineer @ Google

ed johnson

CTO @ GoAlly


Software Engineer @ Google


Software Engineer @ Tesla


Software Engineer @ Qualcomm

steve doerfler

Software Engineer @ Cardinal Peak


Sada Kota  

Software Engineer @ Apple


Software Engineer @ Apple


Software Manager @ Amazon AWS

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